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How To Make The First Million

Getting a million is not that hard if you have a great vision, plan, zeal to achieve your goals, and a small share of luck. And you don’t even have to win in a lottery or have a large jackpot falling on you in an online casino like https://bestonlinecasinosnl.com/. In this article, we’re briefly reviewing, how to make the first million.

Find your place

You have to do something of your passion, no matter this is a daily job or a million-dollar achievement plan. For instance, if you go to the IT area with the goal of becoming the main IT manager of some corporation in 10 years (to be paid, like, $500,000 a year) but hate programming, this is a deplorable path. How about turning something you’re really passionate about into a money-generating business?

Stop obsessing about money

Money doesn’t like when you do money for the sake of doing money. There has to be a bigger, more significant goal, which is of use for you and humanity. Look at Elon Musk: he is obsessed with pushing technologies ahead, while money comes as a result of his passion and success in various fields.

Do one thing better

You could focus on a zillion of things to earn extra only when you will have grown enough to hold a corporation with tonnes of money to expand into other areas in addition to your primary one. But when you’re only on the rising path, just one thing you do the best shall be your daily passion.

Be patient

According to some studies, those who buy and sell more frequently than those who buy and hold, often lose more. So when you’re investing in something long-term like gold or real estate, even low-marginal, it has to be in your possession for years or even decades to give significant income or grow in price.

Passion for business

Starting your working day with hatred to what you’re doing? Then, most likely, you will fail. Only utmost zeal to your work and an ardent heart are able to crash walls and overcome all obstacles on your way. So be like a raging bull that sees no obstacles.

Think outside the box

Not everyone can be creative but try to do something your competitors don’t to beat ‘em when making your first million. Or hire someone creative if the outside-the-box thinking just isn’t for you.


Modern history knows thousands of examples when people passionate about something became millionaires. You don’t have to be a genius to know the immediate answer on how to earn the first million but simply never stop being passionate.